Tire Installer

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Posted on November 11, 2020

Tire Installer

Plaza Tire & Auto, Nevada County's Largest Auto Repair, has opening for a Tire Installer Est., busy shop, since 1950. 

Inspect Vehicle Tires

One of the primary duties of a tire technician is inspecting customer tires for signs of wear and areas for potential failure. The technician examines the tires’ treads to determine if they are wearing evenly, checks for debris that has lodged within the treads that pose a puncture threat, and runs diagnostic tests to see if the tires are properly balanced and securely attached.

Perform Tire Repairs

Tire technicians make tire repairs if they believe the tire does not need to be replaced. These repairs tend to include patches to repair cracks or holes in the tire’s tread but can also involve replacing individual tire components, such as valve tubes, if the rest of the tire is structurally sound. In addition, the tire technician may also perform repairs to balance the tires and ensure steady performance.

Rotate Tires

Tire technicians periodically rotate tires to ensure that they are wearing evenly. Typically, tire rotations take place along with regular maintenance such as filter replacement and fluid changes. After rotating the tires, the tire technician checks them to ensure that they are properly balanced and may perform further diagnostic tests for reliability.

Replace Tires

In many cases, tire technicians replace a customer’s tires to ensure safe vehicle operation. If after examining the tires the technician determines that they present a risk to the customer or vehicle, the tire technician locates replacement tires and attaches them to the vehicle after consulting with the customer. After installation, the tire technician checks the tire’s seals and balances the new tires.

Make Recommendations to Customers

The tire technician also speaks directly with customers to make recommendations about tire care or replacement. They may recommend replacement tires that offer the performance the customer requires or provide advice regarding tire pressure or routine maintenance tasks. Additionally, the tire technician may provide the customer with several options for replacing and repairing tires, including pricing details.

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